Breakfast Club

Supervision of Children before 07:30am

We know it can be hard for parents to juggle various different demands on their time. Sometimes, parents need to drop their children off to us before the Kindergarten day starts. That’s why we offer our Breakfast Club.

The Breakfast Club runs from 7:00 am to 7:30 am every Kindergarten day. There, our students get to enjoy a simple, healthy breakfast such as fruit, cereal and milk. They will also be able to read or take part in other educational activities. Children are supervised by Ishbilia Kindergarten Staff within the school grounds.

After Breakfast Club, students will be supervised until Kindergarten begins at 7:50 am.

The cost of being a Club member is 1,600 SAR per term.

Only children attending the Breakfast Club will be allowed into the Kindergarten before 7:30 am. To register, please email the registrar. Please indicate whether you would like your child to use this facility and enclose payment in cash or by cheque next time you visit us.

If other children arrive at Kindergarten before 7:30 am we will assume that parents wish them to attend the Breakfast Club and we will invoice them for a cost of SR 40 per day. It is inappropriate for children to enter school before they are safely supervised.

Please note that if you bring your child to Kindergarten before 7:30 am and they are not registered in the Breakfast Club, you have to stay and supervise your child until 7:30 am.