Free Bus Service​

We offer free transport for our students to Ishbilia Kindergarten from the Multinational School Riyadh (MNS-R at Exit 7).

The service will suit any parents living or working near MNS-R or any parents with children currently enrolled at MNS-R.

The bus service is safe and secure, with Ishbilia Kindergarten staff monitoring our children’s travel throughout.

In the mornings, a school bus monitor will wait at MNS-R Gate 3 for all children taking the bus for departure at 7:25 am sharp.

The bus monitor will escort them to the bus, make sure they are secure, and stay on the bus to monitor their safety until arrival at Ishbilia Kindergarten.

In the afternoons, the bus will collect the children and bus monitor from Ishbilia Kindergarten at 13:20 to travel back to MNS-R. Once there, the bus monitor will take them to the After School Care and will stay with them until 14:00 when all children should be collected.

Please note that the bus monitor will leave at 14:10 and that there will then be no supervision for children after that time.

If you would like to use the Free Bus Service, please contact our Registrar at