Administration and Support Staff

Sandra Vonk
Coordinator and Foundation teacher

I would like to welcome all parents to our website. I hope our website provides you with a taste of what our Kindergarten has to offer you and your child.

At Ishbilia KGR we believe in learning through play in a warm and welcoming environment. The staff are committed to developing each child to his/her full potential. Activities are hands-on, relevant, engaging and are aimed at developing their skills. Our focus is to develop each child socially, academically and emotionally. Although our children come from diverse backgrounds, we have a family atmosphere where children are taught to be tolerant and to appreciate differences in order to be global citizens.

I urge you to come and visit us, to find out more by having a tour of our lovely facilities and to meet our teachers.

Shannon de Vries
Shannon de Vries is a passionate teacher and strongly follows the pedagogy of play-based learning. She believes that children learn best when they are comfortable and confident in their learning environment and she strives to provide this for all the children in her care. Shannon has many years of experience teaching younger children and finds it to be very rewarding.
Sandhya Vemulapad
To Sandhya, teaching is not just about teaching a child to read and write; she wants to have an impact on their growing minds. She enjoys watching them take pride in their achievements and will always encourage them to be brave and try. Sandhya enjoys the interaction with the children and developing activities that will stimulate and enrich their learning.
Michelle Goulden
Michelle has taught at the Multinational School, took a career break to spend time with her own children and has now returned to teaching. She believes that some of the most important skills to have when working with young children are patience, routine and love. Michelle is passionate about each individual child and will help them to develop their skills under her guidance and support.
Rola Zakkut
Rola is our welcoming, friendly receptionist. She will always go the extra mile to help our parents and students. Rola is highly effective and organized and runs the administration of the school smoothly. If any parent wants to make an appointment, she will be there to help and guide you. She is fluent in both Arabic and English.
Marium Iqbal
Marium loves working with children because they challenge and inspire the way she looks and engages with the world around her. To her there is nothing more exciting than a child’s imagination. Marium is very supportive and caring; the children feel safe in her presence.
Jessafil Gallo
Jess has a big and caring heart. It gives her great pleasure to see the children develop and gain confidence under her supervision. She is patient and will always support the children when needed. With her soft spoken voice and smile, the children enjoys being in her company.
Charmaine Tolentino
Charmaine enjoys children’s natural curiosity about the world around them. She will support them to explore in a safe and caring environment. Charmaine will always strive to develop their creative side and has a lot of patience for their never-ending questions.
Mala Kasturinatna

Mala enjoys the honest and genuine character of children.  Under her supervision they have fun while they are developing their skills.  She has seen children grow socially, academically and emotionally from KG to Foundation.