Tuition Fees

Academic Year 2018-2019

A Registration Fee of SR 3,000.00 and a book deposit fee will be charged when a new student enrols in Ishbilia Kindergarten.

The Registration Fee is paid once on enrolment, and is non-refundable. Students who have not been in the Kindergarten for a period of 12 months (1 year) are considered to be no longer registered at the Kindergarten. Any student returning after the said period will be required to re register again.

Students leaving the Kindergarten can only receive their book deposit refund after all books are returned in good condition and all the fees due are cleared. The book deposit should be claimed within 6 months of the Student leaving the Kindergarten. The fees and book deposits are as follows:

Please note VAT 5% will be applicable on Registration Fees and Tuition Fees of all categories from 1st January 2018. The prices given below are excluding VAT.

Class Title Yearly Fee Fee Per Term Book Deposit
Pre-KG - 2 Years old SR 25,500 SR 8,500 SR 500
Kindergarten 1 - 3 Years old SR 37,050 SR 12,350 SR 500
Kindergarten 2 - 4 Years old SR 37,050 SR 12,350 SR 500
Foundation - 5 Years old SR 45,750 SR 15,250 SR 500
Please note that the above fees include only compulsory stationery requirements for all students, a separate list for each year is available on request.

Withdrawal Policy

Parents must inform us in writing.​

Parents must notify the Registrar at least two weeks prior to leaving date, so that the leaving procedure can be completed in time.

Student Reports / Transfer Certificates will then be issued when all books have been returned
and all outstanding accounts have been paid.

Moving to Multinational School After Foundation

At the end of Foundation in Ishbilia Kindergarten, your children will be able to transfer into year 1 at the Multinational school. Subject to existing registration guidelines.

If a student is successfully accepted into the Multinational School, the usual registration fee of SR 5,500 will be reduced to SR 2,500.

Payment Policy

  • Fees must be paid before the start of each term and no student will be admitted to the Kindergarten until the fees are paid in full.
  • Please note that invoices for each term are sent in advance. Misplacing or not receiving the invoice will not be considered a valid reason for failure to pay the tuition fees by the due date. It is your responsibility to inform us of any change of emails, and contact us if you do not receive an invoice.
  • Fees paid with a cheque that is dishonoured will entail an additional SAR200.00 service charge.
  • Registration or term fees cannot be transferred to another student or another term.
  • • It is the parent’s responsibility to pay all the fees on time. If a company provides help with education costs, it is a matter for the parent and their sponsors to arrange.
  • A Late charge of SAR 1,000 will be added to any outstanding fees.
  • If a parent withdraws a student from the Kindergarten during a term, no portion of the fees will be refunded. If the fees have not been paid for any reason, you will still be liable to pay them.
  • Students leaving the Kindergarten will only be refunded their Book Deposit once all their books have been returned in good condition and all the fees due are cleared. The book deposit should be claimed within 3 months of the Student leaving the Kindergarten.
  • In order to guarantee a place in the Kindergarten for your child in 2018/2019 you will be asked to pay SR 2,500 per student by 27th March 2018. This amount will be subsequently deducted from the term one fee due for 2018/2019. Please note this amount is non-refundable under any circumstances.
  • New Students who gain admission need to pay the registration fee and book deposit at the time of Registration. Places are not confirmed until the payment is made.
  • Please note the Registration fee is non-refundable in the event the student does not join the Kindergarten for whatever reason.
  • Transfers from Ishbilia Kindergarten to the Multinational School are only permitted at the end of Foundation year and not before this time.